February 14, 2020
Texas Health Action expands access to sexual wellness services in Austin

Texas Health Action (THA), an Austin-based nonprofit that advances sexual wellness by providing health care in a safe and supportive environment, will open a new Kind Clinic location in south Austin this fall. Kind Clinic—a medical care program of THA—is the largest sexual health and wellness provider in Central Texas with no out-of-pocket costs to patients. The new location will be the first Kind Clinic to have an in-house pharmacy, allowing patients to leave their appointment with medication in hand.


February 19, 2019
Megan Brunson Named COO of Texas Health Action

Texas Health Action (THA), an Austin-based nonprofit dedicated to enabling sexual wellness and health for Central Texans through a spectrum of sexual health services with an emphasis on HIV prevention, is proud to announce Megan Brunson as the organization’s first Chief Operating Officer.


March 28, 2018
Christopher Hamilton Named CEO of Texas Health Action

Texas Health Action announces Christopher Hamilton as its first CEO. Hamilton will guide the growth and development of THA and its mission of promoting and advocating for sexual wellness by empowering the entire community through healthcare, education and research, as well as its specialized programs like Kind Clinic.


June 21, 2017
How doctors in Texas are trying to protect transgender patients from a persistent threat: HIV

When the Kind Clinic began offering free or low-cost hormone therapy for transgender people in March, word spread quickly here. Within days, the service was booked up until the end of June. Now the next available appointment is in December.

June 19, 2017
From New York to Texas, Gender-Affirming and Trans-Competent Health Care Emerges

In March, the Kind Clinic in Austin, Texas, launched a pilot program offering free and accessible gender-affirming care to the city's transgender and gender nonconforming population.


March 13, 2017
What it Means to be a Transgender-friendly Healthcare Provider

Senate Bill 6 – the so-called bathroom bill – is working through the state legislature and grabbing headlines along the way. But while lawmakers debate what restrooms transgender people can use, another bill has been introduced in the Texas House to address healthcare access for transgender individuals.


March 13, 2017
Finally there is some good news for trans people in Texas

Texas has 125,000 trans people and now – finally – one free clinic to offer them care.

On Wednesday (8 March), the Lone Star State took a massive step back for trans rights. SB6 – their version of North Carolina’s bathroom bill – cleared its first hurdle and is now on the way to the full Senate.


March 8, 2017
First clinic specifically serving transgender needs opens in Austin

As state lawmakers engage in a vitriolic debate about which bathrooms transgender people can use, a Central Texas nonprofit is opening the region’s first transgender care clinic in Austin.


March 9, 2017
First Central Texas clinic with transgender specialized care opens in Austin

The Kind Clinic, located near 30th Street and Interstate 35, aims at helping transgender and non-binary individuals. The clinic says they will not provide gender re-assignment surgery, but will offer high-quality full-service care at little to no cost when possible.


March 9, 2017
First free transgender care clinic to open in Texas

A recent UCLA's Williams Institute study shows that Texas has the second-largest transgender population in the country.

Just over 125,000 Texans identify as transgender.


March 9, 2017
A first-in-Central-Texas clinic will focus on the medical needs of transgender community

Texas Health Action (THA), an Austin non-profit organization that promotes sexual wellness by empowering the entire community through education, healthcare and research, will launch a pioneering new effort to address the specific wellness needs of the transgender community.


March 9, 2017
Organización sin fines de lucro inaugura la primera clínica para personas transgénero en el centro de Texas

La unidad médica ofrecerá servicios gratuitos como terapia hormonal y se darán distintos tipos de asesorías a los pacientes.


March 9, 2017
Austin Clinic Opens Offering Specialized Transgender Care

Texas Health Action is an Austin nonprofit that promotes sexual wellness among the region's transgender community.

The Kind Clinic is the first transgender care clinic of its kind in Central Texas.


May 22, 2015
Season of Risk

Austin's HIV rate is on the rise, again. Can a "miracle drug" reverse the trend?

Nelson, a genderqueer 27-year-old, made a choice last year. Having spent six months working as an HIV tester and outreach coordinator at a local clinic, Nelson, whose last name was withheld by request, was well-versed in safer sex and harm-reduction practices.


June 23, 2015
Austin group trying to stop local spread of HIV

Every year an estimated 4,300 Texans are diagnosed with HIV. It's an important and costly health issue that one Central Texas group says you can help conquer.

The Austin PrEP Access Project is a new local HIV prevention program and hopes their GoFundMe campaign will save lives and money.

For 24-year-old Colton Ferrell, safety is a big part of his sex life.

"I identify as a gay man," he said. "I have been..


July 12, 2015
New Austin clinic offers HIV prevention drug free

It may be akin to the “magic bullet” to prevent HIV, on the market now a few years after FDA approval. Used every day it can be up to 96% effective but not everyone knows about Truvada, and not all doctors prescribe it. Further, it is also very expensive. That’s where the Austin PrEP Clinic comes in. They opened two months ago and provide free prevention drugs to those who cannot afford them. They just want everyone to know they are there.


July 28, 2015
Why Aren’t Latinos Taking This Anti-HIV Pill?

Health workers are running into challenges educating the Latino gay community about Truvada, a pill that prevents HIV.

Late on a Friday night at The New Jalisco Bar downtown, a drag show featuring dancers dressed in sequined leotards and feathered headdresses had drawn a crowd—most of them gay Latino men.


May 20, 2015
HIV cases increasing in Austin

The number of new HIV and AIDS cases confirmed in Austin has been increasing steadily since 2006.

At first, cases seemed to be decreasing, according to Shannon Jones, the director of Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services.

"The numbers had begun to go down a few years ago, and we were sort of optimistic about what happened," said Jones.