Austin needs better HIV prevention strategies. As our HIV infected population has grown by over 40% since 2006, the time to get involved is now. Texas Health Action (THA) launched Austin’s first PrEP clinic with the Austin PrEP Access Project in 2015.

Not a project anymore! THA continues to add sexual health and wellness programs and services for our community. Sexual Health and Wellness at the KIND Clinic is PrEP, PEP, HIV testing and treatment and STI testing and treatment. We also perform prescription navigation, insurance benefits, community based outreach, community education and research all for free.

Beyond our clinics, we offer TeleKind virtual sexual health services and Waterloo counseling services throughout Texas.


We need help in spreading the word, organizing events, and raising money. Contact us today!


Do you have special skills in planning fundraising events? Do you want to be part of our mission and just lend a helping hand? Let us know, and be part of our next fundraising event!


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