Strategic Planning


Texas Health Action (THA) is in a strategic planning process to determine its priorities for the next three years in a post-COVID 19 new normal.  THA is committed to a transparent and inclusive process that authentically reflects the voices of all its stakeholders – patients, workforce, funders, and many other valued supporters and partners. Stakeholder input will be utilized to set and align priorities according to community needs and input, data, outcomes, and improving internal and external conditions.

The 2022-2025 Strategic Plan will be developed over four months. Health Management Associates (HMA) Community Strategies was engaged to facilitate this process in collaboration with THA and develop an actionable plan that allows us to respond to anticipated and unanticipated factors that impact our future.

The objective of the strategic planning process is to create a dynamic and actionable final plan to meet our strategic goals effectively. We will use a four-component, collaborative, strategic planning approach with the following goals:

  1. Project initiation to confirm shared expectations for managing the project.
  2. Building a shared understanding to gain insight and develop meaningful strategic options including stakeholder input, strategic research, and data analysis, to be community and data-informed.
  3. Completing an environmental scan. Gaining a comprehensive external context for THA’s work, including conducting an internal analysis of existing resources, strengths, and challenges.
  4. Socialization - Creating and communicating a shared vision of the future with all stakeholders.
Jun Jul Aug Sep
Strategic Planning Initiation X
Building a Shared Understanding – Community and Stakeholder Engagement X X X
Environmental Scan X X
Developing and Prioritizing Strategic Issues and Opportunities X X
Strategic Plan Finalization and Socialization X



Do you have ideas to help the future success and growth of THA? What does THA need to meet today's, and tomorrow's challenges? Send us your ideas and feedback anytime during the strategic planning process using the suggestion box below:

You may also email the Strategic Planning Committee directly at The Strategic Planning Oversight Committee is comprised of THA’s executive leadership and CEO.

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Activity Objective Target Date
Oversight Team Kick-off (virtual) Elicit questions June 11
Oversight team Provide inputs June 26
Strategy Session #1 (in person) Beliefs and intermediate outcomes June 30
Landscape Analysis Market opportunities July
Staff Survey #1 Priorities Week of July 19th
Virtual Town Hall (Community) Perception of THA and needs July 27 (6-7 pm)
8 – 10 Key Stakeholder Interviews Perception of THA and needs July
CAB Virtual Community Group Perception of THA and needs July 21
1 Virtual Focus Group (external providers) Perception of THA and needs July
Oversight team (virtual) Current practice/market opportunities Late July
Priority population (TBD) Virtual Focus Group Perception of THA and needs Early August
Virtual Town Hall (Clinic Staff) Perception of THA and needs August 11 (9:30 am)
Virtual Town Hall (All staff) Perception of THA and needs August 13 (noon)
Strategy Session #2 (in person) Activities/Impact August 17 (11 am – 1 pm)
Oversight team (virtual) Confirm logic model Late August
Staff Survey #2 Feedback strategies Late August
Strategy Session #3 (virtual) Review draft plan Early September
Iterative plan review (virtual) What’s missing? Alignment? September
Final Strategic Plan (in person) Live Presentation TBD



HMA Community Strategies helps communities tackle problems that impact health outside the walls of hospital, provider, and payer offices, such as inadequate housing and food access, health equity and disparities, violence, discrimination, unemployment and underemployment.

Our primary HMA leads are principals Charles Robbins, MPH (national representative) and Iliana Gilman, MA (local representative). Mr. Robbins has experience as a strategic planner, subject matter expert, and former community-based organization executive with decades of direct service experience in LGBTQIA+ and HIV populations, including sexual health, integrated behavioral health. Ms. Gilman is the former CEO of El Buen Samaritano in Austin- specializing in health equity through the provision of primary and behavioral health and by addressing social determinants of health. She has more than 20 years of strategic planning experience in safety-net, government, and community-based organizations in Central Texas.