Why is Waterloo Counseling Center joining Texas Health Action? Why now? 

This integration will allow providers to create truly integrated care for those seeking sexual health and mental health services. Both organizations are committed to patient centeredness, responding to community needs, and delivering care in a setting that is free of stigma.

Sexual health and mental health are crucial to our overall well-being. But both too often get the backseat in our society or are often not delivered in a safe and supportive environment. We want to change that.


Will Waterloo Counseling Center be called something else?

No. Waterloo Counseling Center (WCC) will keep its name and become a program under the parent organization, Texas Health Action (THA).


Who decided this? And how did they decide?

This decision was made by boards of directors after many months of conversation, extensive review of information about each organization, and a thoughtful consideration about the benefits of the integration for the community. Those considerations included what was best for clients, patients, staff as well as the larger community.


How will this impact me if I’m a Waterloo Counseling Services client?

You probably won’t notice many changes right now. WCC will continue to offer services with the same therapists you’ve come to trust from our existing locations and/or via telehealth services. All other services like discussion groups and group therapy will continue as well.


Will there be any changes to insurance or the sliding scale for Waterloo because of the integration?



How is Kind Clinic involved?

Waterloo Counseling Center will become a program of Texas Health Action. Kind Clinic is an existing program of Texas Health Action. They will remain two distinct programs that will collaborate to offer integrated care under the larger Texas Health Action parent organization.


Do I have to be a patient of Kind Clinic to become a client of Waterloo Counseling Center? Or vice versa?



Will anything change with the no-cost visits at Kind Clinic?

No. Kind Clinic and Waterloo Counseling center will have unique billing models focused on expanding access to those who need services the most.


How will this impact Kind Clinic patients?

Kind Clinic will remain focused on sexual health. In the future, we will offer more integrated care for those who are accessing services from both Kind Clinic and Waterloo. However, most of the immediate changes will impact our administrative staff and not our patients or clients.


How will this impact Waterloo’s organizational structure and board members?

We don’t foresee any significant organizational structure changes. Two board members from the WCC board will join the THA board after the integration is complete.


Will WCC staff or therapists be laid off because of the merger?

No staff will be laid off due to the merger. WCC staff will be eligible for the robust benefits available to all THA employees. THA is committed to competitive compensation for all of its employees and is dedicating time and resources to make a smooth integration for WCC and THA employees.


Will this add jobs for the community?

Yes! However, that will not happen immediately. After a period of review with staff and the community, THA plans to hire additional therapists with a focus on recruiting staff who reflect the communities we serve.


I have concerns about this change. How can I make my voice heard?

We want to hear from you! Please share your thoughts with us through our community survey here.

Please also share this link with anyone who is invested in improving the sexual health and behavioral health options for our community.


I have questions that haven’t been answered here. How can I get those answered?

There will be two virtual town halls to answer your questions on Sept. 14 and 16. Get more information for those here.